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The Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was founded in 1928 and laid the foundations for the research and teaching of major fields in Israeli academia. These fields include Jewish studies, Archeology, Islamic and Middle-Eastern studies, Asian studies, as well as fields in the general humanities such as History, Philosophy, Comparative Religions, Literature, and the Arts. We strive for excellence, creativity, and thorough inquiry of human culture and its diversity.

We welcome students from across the globe to enroll in our many exchange and degree programs. Some of the programs are at the university-level, others are part of the Erasmus exchange programs with European institutions, as well as exchange opportunities on the faculty level. Regardless of the specific program, a stay at our faculty provides an opportunity to study with Israeli students of different backgrounds, to learn from world-renowned scholars, and to experience the vibrant atmosphere of both the Mt. Scopus campus and the city of Jerusalem. To this end, we offer dozens of courses in English. Foreign students with proven proficiency in Hebrew may attend all courses listed in the faculty’s catalogue. Likewise, students participating in exchange and degree programs may apply for language courses.

Read more about how the exchange program works and how to apply on the University’s International website. Learn about our exchange programs and courses.

We also invite faculty to explore opportunities for international teaching visits. Please read the terms and conditons for Faculty-Level Exchange Agreements on the University’s International website.


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Programs List

Ex. Program with selected N. American and European Universities

We offer a bilateral, reciprocal exchange program in the Humanities between the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) and a select group of North American and British universities. The program aims to bring to the HUJI a limited, highly qualified group of North American and European students, both graduate students and (in select cases) advanced undergraduates, for advanced courses in fields in which the Hebrew University has a built-in advantage: History – including Jewish History and History of the Holy Land/Contemporary Israel, Middle Eastern Studies, Religious Studies, Jewish Thought and Archeology. (More disciplines will be added later on in the project.)

For this purpose the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University has prepared a cluster of courses – either advanced undergraduate seminars or M.A. seminars (that can also accommodate advanced undergraduates) – that will be taught in English every year during the spring semester, with a schedule tailored to American and British Universities' academic calendars. The English course catalog will be updated every year, with a similar amount of courses, announced around March of the previous year.  The English-language courses are part of the regular offerings of the HUJI departments and will be attended for the most part by HUJI students. In addition, we offer all of the  regular courses in Hebrew to qualified students, as well as a number of courses each year that are taught in Arabic (in the Department for Arabic Language and Literature) and in Yiddish (in the MA Yiddish program).

Each American and British university will send 1-3 students per year, whose course of studies will benefit from courses in the aforementioned topics and from a lengthy stay at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Conversely, the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University will send 1-3 students a year to participating institutions capable and willing to benefit from their programs.

Universities currently included in this exchange are: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Chicago, Berkeley, Stanford, Toronto and Oxford.

English-Language Graduate Program in Chinese Studies

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The Asian Sphere Program

The Asian Sphere: Trans-Cultural Flows Special Program

The Asian Sphere Program offers a unique opportunity for outstanding candidates, at the MA and PhD level, to enroll in an interdisciplinary and inter-university graduate program that deals with the Asian continent. The Asian Sphere is a joint program between the University of Haifa and the Hebrew University, funded by the Humanities Fund of the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education in Israel (VATAT) and Yad Hanadiv. The program offers a large number of scholarships In addition to studies in a dynamic and exceptional environment of learning and research for graduate students, PhD students enjoy scholarships in the amount of 60,000 NIS per year + full tuition for three years.

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The Martin Buber Society of Fellows

Mutual program in fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

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